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The Lu.C.C.A. Museum, exceptional partner of the Hotel Ilaria

There are many interesting museums worthy of a visit in Lucca.

However, among the many cultural sites you use to know, one emerges for its strong innovative nature and international appeal. This is the Lu.C.C.A., recently become a partner of our 4-star hotel


Art as a multipurpose soule


The Lu.C.C.A. - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is a Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art housed in the 16th century Palazzo Boccella, an elegant complex in the historic center of Lucca.

How would it be different from other places dedicated to art and culture in the city? In many ways, first of all concerning its philosophy and mission: the Lu.C.C.A. aims to be an innovative project, in a multi-purpose structure with a strong international dimension. Every year, three great exhibitions dedicated to modern art, contemporary art and photography are set up, as well as ten collateral exhibitions focused on emerging artists. Next to the museum paths, there is a lot of space for activities and events for the community, meant as a group of citizens and tourists.

Here, art is not a self-referential entity, to be observed passively and externally, but is enriched with interaction, energy, new life. This inclination looks clear from the innovative solutions designed for the museum visitors, such as the special interactive guide through a chatbot, which allows you to deepen the works directly on the messaging platform of your smartphone. The Lu.C.C.A. has also activated social engagement areas - with ArTS Hub projects for people with disabilities and Lab4Kids for families, children and schools - and others focused on tourism. This last field of action includes the special partnership with the Hotel Ilaria.

The uniqueness of this museum is fully perceived, its mission is to become a propulsive reference point and a cultural and participatory platform for the territory, tourism and the community. In short, you cannot certainly classify the Lu.C.C.A. as a simple museum, it is a special place, special as any experience we like to offer our guests in the structure.


The same aspiration for excellence


We immediately decided that the Lu.C.C.A. Museum would be the ideal partner for our 4-star hotel in Lucca: it is similar to us in terms of objectives, aiming at offering a unique experience to tourists. An experience going beyond the canonical visit of the city, an enthralling journey through art, culture, traditions and the social side of Lucca.

We both strive every day to achieve excellence in our offer, intercepting new audiences and trying to retain them with an innovative type of communication. In short, the Hotel Ilaria and the Lu.C.C.A. both intend to act as active and proactive actors in city tourism.

Therefore, we are giving the guests of our hotel the reduction on the entrance ticket to the exhibitions set up at the Lu.C.C.A., in order to spread and encourage an ideal of participatory culture, both for leisure and business travelers.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover a point of reference in Lucca, a space for sharing and a hub of high-level cultural and entertainment proposals: request your reduced ticket at the reception of Hotel Ilaria.

From 7 September 2019 to 7 January 2020, the Lu.C.C.A hosts “Werner Bischof. Classics”, an exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest photojournalists of the twentieth century. The exhibition, curated by Maurizio Vanni and Alessandro Luigi Perna, describes the story of Werner Bischof in 105 shots and marks his passion for aesthetics, research, ethical and moral values, his ability to represent the dichotomies of development and poverty, business and spirituality, modernity and tradition.

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