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Hotel Ilaria, breakfast is signed by starred chefs

The starred chefs of the Giglio and Gigliola restaurants arrive at the Hotel Ilaria. At the heart of the collaboration, the Hotel Ilaria buffet breakfast, careted directly by the chefs of the two restaurants. An interview with Stefano, starred chef among the protagonists of the partnership. 


  • A few months ago you started a collaboration with the Hotel Ilaria, thanks to which all the starred chefs of the Giglio Restaurant prepare a buffet breakfast for the hotel guests. What are the cornerstones of this collaboration? 

    "Friendship and mutual esteem that support the corporate bond are certainly fundamental.”  

  •  What prompted you to collaborate with the Hotel Ilaria?  

    “Hotel Ilaria, in the air of general renewal, asked us for a collaboration for breakfasts. We accepted with great pleasure to seal a shared vision of quality services and for the mutual possibility of enrichment. The hotel is a crossroads of high-level tourism, which deserves top-notch services starting with breakfasts, which for us become an important showcase.”

Lorenzo, starred chef

  • Among the peculiarities emerges a careful choice and selection of local products. What are the characteristic ones of the Lucca area? What reasons have made them so? 

    "We have chosen to offer local products identifying ourselves with customers. Taste is part of knowing a different culture and every time we travel ourselves we want to try all the flavors of the place. In this case, from cheeses to Tuscan cured meats and small producers who are unlikely to find such an important outlet because they are simply little known. We feel a bit like curators who bring artisans together to create an overall fresco of extreme value.” 

  • Giglio and Gigliola are the restaurants where you work. What are the distinctive features of each activity?  

    “Il Giglio is a starred restaurant that gives great importance to both the à la carte menu and the tasting menu, located inside one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Lucca. Lately the wave is that of the return to the classic with twists here and there.
    Gigliola is our more informal version, a bit of an old tavern with no restrictions whatsoever, the food we cook is designed to be shared and brings together all the flavors we have made our own during our travels. To combine all natural wines, our true passion, and homemade bread that you can taste at the breakfast buffet of the Hotel Ilaria.”

  • What are the products that Giglio prepares directly for the hotel? 

    ”Mostlybread, focaccia, pizzas, jams and liver pate.”  

  • What did being awarded the Michelin star mean for you? 

    “The confirmation of a quality path undertaken a few years ago.” 

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