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Day trip at Montecarlo di Lucca

Summer in Tuscany is not just crowded beaches and endless nights in the most popular clubs in Versilia. Indeed, a stay in Lucca, next to the beauties of the city and the tasty kitchen, promises many opportunities to relax. Between a walk on the ancient walls and an iced coffee in Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, why not leaving to the discover of the surroundings?

Montecarlo di Lucca, a delightful medieval village, is ideal for a summer excursion, as a couple or as a family.


Ancient history and fairytale atmosphere


Entering the panoramic village of Montecarlo di Lucca you will have the impression of slipping into an impalpable and timeless dimension. The narrow streets paved in stone, the craft shops, the silent countryside all around: every corner has the flavour of a long-lost Tuscany. The hustle and bustle of the great cities do not belong to this place embraced by the Valdinievole hills.

Step by step, discover the quiet squares and houses, wonderfully different one from one another. Take the time to admire the solemn walls of the 1300s: the stretch between Porta Nuova and the Torre del Belvedere is the easiest to walk, even with children.

The ancient church Pieve di San Piero in Campo is a small jewel: already mentioned in a 9th century parchment, the current building dates back to the 12th century and stands out as a perfect example of Romanesque architecture with three naves.

The Chiesa Collegiata di Sant’Andrea also has changed its appearance over the centuries: from the original fourteenth-century church now you can admire only a part of the architrave of the portal and a section of the painted frieze. For the rest, the building owes its appearance to a renovation of late 1700s.

Before leaving the hamlet, don't miss a very special attraction: the Teatro dei Rassicurati, the smallest Italian theatre still working. It was loved by the composer Giacomo Puccini and, once inside, you will immediately understand the reason.


Wine, oil and unspoiled glades


In addition to the quiet atmosphere, people come in Montecarlo di Lucca to treat theirselves to authentic and yummy dishes, accompanied by excellent wine. Along the main street of the village you will find many taverns with outdoor tables: stop and taste the local specialties, you will surely be satisfied.

In the surrounding countryside, the Wine and Oil Road of Montecarlo is an indispensable map to learn about the best local farms. A treasure to try absolutely is a glass of Montecarlo DOC, one of the best of the Lucca area.

This wine, born in the distant 846 AC, is as precious as it is closely linked to our territory: you certainly cannot deprive yourself of it on a trip to Montecarlo di Lucca.

If you love unspoiled nature, this village also offers endless itineraries in the greenery, perfect shelters in the sunniest days of summer. Follow the directions for the Montecarlo Walking trails: you will find yourself in a new territory, crowned with vineyards, olive groves, dense forests and great parks.

Stroll on foot, by bike or on horseback and fall in love with a land far from time, just a few steps from our 4-star Hotel Ilaria in Lucca.


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