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Culture, history and tradition: welcome to Lucchesia

Between the hills and mountains adjacent to the city of Lucca there is an area slightly larger than the Plain of Lucca, called Lucchesia. From history to culture, there are many reasons to visit Lucca and discover the charm of the whole area.


Lucchesia, the story begins with the Etruscans

Lucca, Capannori, Villa Basilica, Porcari, but also, albeit partially, Massarosa, Pescaglia, Camaiore, Altopascio and Pescia: these are the protagonists of the Lucchesia area.

The first settlements in this place date back to the 7th century BC. when the Etruscans settled on the river Serchio - formerly called Auser - thanks to the lands made fertile by the waters. Subsequently, the Apuan Ligurians arrived in the area, a people who decided to stabilize in the area also by virtue of the environmental conditions considered favorable.

From the first settlements the area began to be populated more and more, becoming more and more inhabited with the passing of the years and delivering artistic and cultural artifacts and attractions to history.


All the wonders to see

The historic center of the villages along which the Lucchesia winds is an excellent starting point to immerse yourself in the wonderful territory.

On foot or by bike, nothing can escape the charm of the journey that will lead you from the bridge of Monte S. Quirico to the bridge of S. Pietro, along the banks of the river Serchio built during the nineteenth century. The variety and richness of the local flora, particularly alive during the summer, will enrich the pleasant walk in the green. Also in this period, it is relaxing and pleasant to stop for a picnic and enjoy a refreshing bath.

Even a walk in the Lucca hills is an unmissable stop on a stay in Lucca. Here, there are many luxurious villas built starting from the thirteenth century.

What about the historic aqueduct? Still functioning today, it carries water from the mountains above to the city of Lucca. Right inside, the water brought by the aqueduct keeps the fountains active, from which it is possible to quench your thirst with very good low mineral content water.

Food and wine, which has always been linked to the culinary, agricultural and rustic traditions of the plain, also deserves a mention. Mainly based on a rich variety of raw materials and agricultural products grown on site, among the first of Lucca cuisine, the unmissable appointment is set with spelled soup and tordelli with stuffing and meat sauce.

Space for the second course with rabbit alla "cacciatora" and pork livers, accompanied by exquisite side dishes such as fried vegetables and beans al "fiasco or all'uccelletto", served with excellent red wines from the area. It's up to the buccellato - sweet in the shape of a donut stuffed with anise and raisins - to end a meal dedicated to the celebration of Tuscan taste.

Book your stay at Hotel Ilaria and discover the charm of Lucca and the plains, hills and mountains that extend around the city.

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