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An Early Summer Day in Lucca

Summer in Lucca is a triumph of colors, fragrances, and aromas that awaken all the senses. If you stay at Hotel Ilaria, in the historic center of Lucca, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy endless, delightful moments one-on-one with the city. The mild temperatures, not yet scorched by the August heat, and the long days invite you to experience Lucca intensely, from early morning to late at night.

We suggest how to do it best, as true lovers of the Lucchese lifestyle.


The Pleasure of walking on the Walls


Lucca seems designed specifically to be explored on foot or by bicycle, at a leisurely pace and with eyes wide open. An experience that at the beginning of summer becomes even more enjoyable, under the glow of golden reflections and more vivid shades than ever.

Start your day with the chirping of joyful sparrows, while you savor the delicious breakfast at Hotel Ilaria, served in the room overlooking the greenery. Once you've fueled up, head towards the majestic Walls of Lucca, a ring of splendid nature that embraces the historic center, offering a fabulous panorama of the city and the surrounding hills.

As you'll discover, walking on the ancient walls provides unique sensations and instills incredible harmony, ideal for preparing body and spirit for an intense day among the wonders of Lucca. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the warm morning sun, as you proceed unhurriedly, with your gaze on the city awakening gently.


An Itinerary of Taste and Nature


After a refreshing stroll on the walls, lose yourself in the enchanting Botanical Garden of Lucca, an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city. Here, among centuries-old trees and colorful petals, immerse yourself in the splendor of the local flora and fall in love with a landscape of delicate harmony. The enveloping scents and vibrant colors transport you to a fairy-tale scenario, where every corner tells a captivating story.

After a break in the greenery, awaken your palate with a refreshing gelato, a fruity drink, or a delicious snack with a local flavor. Piazza dell'Anfiteatro is the place to be in Lucca, a meeting point for locals and tourists with many inviting outdoor seating areas where you can rest and chat unhurriedly.

Sitting outdoors in the square, let yourself be tempted by tasty aperitifs with your loved ones. The vibrant atmosphere of the ancient theater and the magic of summer afternoons will make every moment unique.


The Magic of an Open-Air Concert


If you come to Lucca in the summer, treat yourself to an evening under the stars listening to international artists. Every year Piazza Napoleone hosts the Lucca Summer Festival, featuring a series of concerts, attracting spectators from all over the world. Give yourself a magical night, by choosing from the many performances scheduled for the 2024 edition.

Let yourself be carried away by the energy of live music and the enchantment of the bright stars above you: you'll be transported to a special dimension, where time seems to stand still, giving way to indelible emotions, to be experienced to the fullest.

Against the medieval backdrop of Lucca, crowned by ancient walls, the charm of international stars performing in front of oceanic crowds shines with a light more unique than rare. Words cannot fully describe the indissoluble connection between the city and the musicians on stage. Attend a concert of the Lucca Summer Festival and you'll discover that we're not exaggerating.


Lucca encloses an enchanted world: it is a city with many souls, all capable of capturing you and remaining in your heart. Visiting our city at the beginning of summer offers special moments: discover them at Hotel Ilaria, in the historic center.


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