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5 Unique Things to Do in Lucca

The city of Lucca, with its medieval soul yet vibrant social life, is a continuous discovery: ancient walls, majestic squares, and solemn churches perfectly blend with boutiques, renowned pastry shops, and modern cafes. Whatever your idea of a perfect vacation is, if you stay at the Hotel Ilaria in Lucca, you will see your expectations more than satisfied.

First time here? We suggest 5 unique things to do in Lucca.


1. A Stroll on the Medieval Walls


The imposing walls embracing the historic center of Lucca – and our hotel – are a breathtaking sight that gives the city an irresistible allure. Thanks to this fortification, Lucca maintained its independence until the 19th century. Today, the majestic architecture no longer serves a defensive function but retains incredible charm.

You can fully experience this charm by strolling on the walls of Lucca. Walk slowly, breathe deeply, and capture unique views with your camera: the trees in this area of the city dress in splendid colors throughout the year. In autumn, in particular, the leaves take on shades of orange and yellow, painting a picture of unsuspected beauty


2. On Top of the Guinigi Tower


In Tuscany, medieval towers abound: from San Gimignano to Siena, to Monteriggioni, every village or city boasts high bastions. Lucca is no exception and, above all, hosts a tower with a unique appearance. It's the Guinigi Tower, which, at the top, welcomes seven leafy oaks that tower over the roofs of the medieval city. Climbing this tower is truly exciting!

The Guinigi family, who ruled Lucca, wanted this hanging garden to showcase their wealth and power to the lords of neighboring municipalities and noble families. A peculiarity intact today as it was then, making the green top of the tower one of Lucca's icons. From the top, you can enjoy magnificent 360-degree views of the city: a precious reason to climb.


3. A Drink in Piazza Anfiteatro


Sit down and contemplate a suggestive square that was once an amphitheater. The shape remains the same, and some of the original stones were used for the buildings that now populate Piazza Anfiteatro, the heart of Lucca and one of the most beloved places by the locals. In a distant era, people gathered here to applaud Ancient Rome's performances; today, they come to meet, have a drink, or enjoy delicious cappuccinos in one of the outdoor cafes.

Let yourself be captivated by the unique atmosphere of this place that embraces past and present in a perfectly successful dialogue. Here, ancient history merges with the pleasure of a break from routine: a truly enjoyable experience, definitely not to be missed in Lucca.


4. A Taste of Local Cuisine


Visiting a city means immersing yourself completely in its history, culture, and lifestyle. And local cuisine is certainly a fundamental element of this journey into tradition. On vacation in Lucca, you should absolutely try, among a thousand other specialties, the farro soup and buccellato.

The first is a hearty soup based on the ancient cereal, one of the typical ingredients of our poor tradition. Buccellato, on the other hand, is the typical cake of Lucca, flavored with anise and rich in taste. Pasticceria Taddeucci is among the most famous for artisanal buccellato: we recommend trying it while sitting in the panoramic Piazza San Michele, which hosts the shop.

Fall in love with the authentic flavors of Lucca, where every bite is a delightful foray into local culture. Where to try them? We recommend three special restaurants: Gli Orti di via Elisa, La Buca di Sant’Antonio, and Il Giglio, all in the historic center and with menus worthy of more than a taste.


5. Visit to Giacomo Puccini's House


A well-known figure associated with our city is Giacomo Puccini, the author of famous works such as La Bohème and Madame Butterfly. Born in Lucca in 1858, his birthplace still stands in Piazza Cittadella, open to visitors. You will easily recognize it from the bronze statue depicting him at the entrance of the residence.

An unmissable experience for opera lovers is undoubtedly a visit to his villa in Torre del Lago Puccini, about 30 minutes from Lucca. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Massaciuccoli, it offers an exciting itinerary of Puccini's life: from the piano where his most famous arias were born to the details of his daily life, imprinted in paintings, furniture, and corners of the house. The villa, still in the hands of the Puccini family, has been carefully restored and brought back to its ancient splendor when the maestro's melodies filled the rooms.


 Stay at Hotel Ilaria and enjoy these 5 unique experiences in Lucca: it will be a memorable vacation.

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